Collaborative Artist

Manasuna. World Music.

Manasuna - the meeting of the different worlds of sound: modern electronic music, ethnic and classical music.

Dessy Dimitrova

Flute Artist and Teacher

Natalia wierzbicka.
Terence Collie.

Natalia Wierzbicka

Violinist, Composer, Vocalist

Terence Collie

Jazz Pianist

Electronic Music.
Agata Kubiak.
Sound Designer. Audio Engineer.
Void, avantgarde, metal

Wilfried Westerlinck


Antek Rutczynski

Sound Designer, Audio Engineer

Agata Kubiak

Violinist, Singer


Avantgarde Metal

Dorian Todorov Dimitrov

Conductor and Pianist

Weronika Bielecka.

Weronika Bielecka

Jazz Vocalist


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London, United Kingdom

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